Registered Psychotherapist (RP) in Toronto

I have years of experience in helping individuals and couples with a range of issues.

We all at times lack the energy, motivation and courage to make change in our lives. Sometimes we lack clarity, sense of direction, or simply feel stuck in our old patterns. Other times the thoughts and feelings may take a toll on our physical health and we might start to worry about how we continue to fulfill our responsibilities. Establishing a relationship with an expert who we trust and who can support and guide us on our journey is the healthiest thing to do.

How can clients benefit from therapy with me:

  • I practice and model mindful listening, awareness of thoughts and feelings and how we are impacted by them.
  • I work with the patterns in the session and help you to relate them to your outside experience;
  • We’ll find how you keep yourself stuck, achieve new insights and create interventions together;
  • I will support you to find ways to face the challenge of acknowledging a range of choices;
  • We will work together on boundaries and their significance and I will support you in creating them in your life;
  • I respect where you are coming from (gender, age, ethnicity, sexuality, different life experiences …) and will put your preferences and choices first before providing any thoughts, insights, experiments and challenges;
  • I speak both English and Persian (Farsi) fluently;
  • Although I have been working and practising in Toronto for over two decades, coming from an ethnic background enables me to relate to and help clients deal with issues caused by immigration, multi-cultural environment and cultural conflicts, as well as working with marginalized communities such as the LGBTQ community to empower them within their family of origin and in their interactions outside.

I have helped clients having difficulty with: depressionanxiety, anger management, stress, trauma, doubt and indecisiveness, marital counselling, parenting, relationship issues, intimacy, sex, addictions, food related issues, obsessive behaviour, phobias, career, structure and organisation, productivity, self esteem, boundaries, shame, loss and grief,  personal growth, identity, marginalization and discrimination.


Support and Challenge are what we need to establish in therapy in order to create change. I will not only listen to the content of your story but also how you deliver it, how you interact, how you feel in the session and the dynamic we create together. I am committed to asking questions and giving you feedback that resonate with you. As a result you will feel supported, which will lead to trust in our relationship and our work together. Furthermore, Trust in the process will allow us to explore new areas. In therapy we are not only focused on one specific event, but different aspects of life. We need to know how one pattern appears in other areas and all the feelings, thoughts and beliefs we have around it. I validate and respect your range of feelings and thoughts in the process, and encourage and support you to experiment and explore them. Eventually, you will have a new awareness. You may have new insights or your old beliefs may start to change. Finally this will create room for new possibilities. You will see a wider range of choices with genuine hope and excitement. You will find the energy, the interest, the clarity and the willingness to make life changes.


To book an appointment for a free phone consultation click on this link

Or: Contact me at or 416-660-7186 for a free phone consultation.

Regular session fees are:  $155 per hour for individuals, $175 per hour for couples.

I offer therapy sessions in English as well as Persian (Farsi).


Office location at 124 Morrison Avenue, Toronto


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